Incident Management

Real time notifications of incidents.

In case of an unplanned interruption or limited availability of our cloud services we have automated workflows which allows us to react fast.

  • Within the EPLAN ePULSE platform we have installed a notification system to make us aware of any potential incident.
  • We keep you informed in real-time about security incidents thanks to our sophisticated monitoring and alerting systems that keep you updated through our Health Dashboard.
  • Focus on your Business while we keep you protected. Rest assured ePLAN is a secure company committed to deliver state-of-the-art secure solutions.
  • Our robust cloud infrastructure is set up to immediately detect and identify any kind of disturbance. The EPLAN Security Operations Team is directly involved in solving upcoming issues.
  • We encourage customers and members of the security community to inform us about any potential threat – report a security incident.
  • Your trust is our most important asset, consequently we work to strengthen our security every second of the day.