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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


EPLAN eMANAGE free provides a cloud-based project sharing environment, whilst enabling easy interaction with supporting EPLAN solutions such as EPLAN  eVIEW. It enables fast and secure data sharing with selected stakeholders, with enhanced security; enabling users to share the right data with the right people and enhancing collaboration. 

Everyone who is registered at www.epulse.com can use EPLAN eMANAGE Free.

To use EPLAN eMANAGE Free you will need 2.9 SP1 or higher or a standard browser in a current version; EPLAN eMANAGE free is currently optimised for Chrome.

If you have reached your initial limit(s) please contact us to discuss your request at emanage@eplan.de.

The maximum upload size of a project is 2GB. 

eMANAGE Free is only available to ePULSE administrators by default. If you cannot see the eMANAGE Free application, please ask your internal administrator for access.

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