Comprehensible responses to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


EPLAN eMANAGE provides a cloud-based environment for sharing projects while enabling easy interaction by supporting other EPLAN solutions such as EPLAN eVIEW. It enables fast and secure data exchange with selected stakeholders, with enhanced security; allowing users to share the right data with the right people and improve collaboration. The full version of EPLAN eMANAGE offers useful functional extensions and additional storage beyond the features of the free version. Further descriptions of the extensions can be found on the product page.

Anyone registered at www.epulse.com can use EPLAN eMANAGE Free.

EPLAN eMANAGE is integrated from the EPLAN Platform, version 2.9 SP1. In addition, you can access it via an Internet browser in a current version; EPLAN eMANAGE is currently optimized for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

You will receive 10GB of storage extension with each eMANAGE license for your organization to actively collaborate.

EPLAN eMANAGE Free is only available to ePULSE administrators by default. If you cannot see the EPLAN eMANAGE Free application, please ask your internal administrator for access.

With the license you acquire additional functions, such as the provision of the EPLAN project backup (*.zw1) in older EPLAN versions, the synchronization and sharing of master data, as well as more storage space. Further descriptions of the extensions can be found on the product page.

  • Generally, the full version of eMANAGE is offered as a single license. Within a company, this license cannot be used by several users at the same time.
  • A change of user within the company is possible at any time. However, this must be implemented by a user with admin rights.
  • If more than one user in a company is to use the full version of eMANAGE at the same time, the subscription of an additional license is necessary.
  • EPLAN eMANAGE Free can be used as usual by several users simultaneously within a company, free of charge.

You have the option of choosing the usual way via the EPLAN sales channels or you can request a quotation online without obligation. To do this, log in at www.epulse.com, click on the "Dashboard" and select the corresponding application "eMANAGE" under "Paid Apps". Then follow the further instructions to receive an individual and non-binding offer.

In principle, there are no restrictions on sharing project data in addition to the requirements on the part of EPLAN. However, there are national legal restrictions on the international exchange of project data that currently limit the service. There may be restrictions on the international exchange of project data for the following countries:

  • China

A detailed explanation of the roles and access rights can be found under the following link in the EPLAN help.