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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ePULSE Cloud

The EPLAN ePULSE Cloud and the customer data are hosted and stored in the EU.

EPLAN operates a comprehensive security system for its cloud solution. EPLAN has an IMS which is a core component of the EPLAN Security and Operations department.

Our database systems are subject to cyclic firedrill exercises. Here the disaster recovery senarios are tested. Should such a scenario occur, the data will be recovered as quickly as possible.

In the event of a security incident, a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) will be formed by the SecOps team. The team will create physical and digital war rooms and coordinate activities through a single point of contact. The CERT team will search for the cause of the incident and find a solution. This remedy will be delegated to those responsible and quickly implemented.

Business continuity management for ePULSE is provided by Digital Platform Management and based on it recovery concepts implemented in the SecOps department.

Yes, from existing backups of eVIEW and eBUILD, executable versions are created via recovery tests.

All data stored by EPLAN ePULSE on behalf of customers have strong security and control functions for isolating customer data from each other. EPLAN ePULSE Storage uses an Active Directory that offers data-based access controls.

EPLAN is responsible for patching ePULSE. Our customers are informed before planned software updates if we expect downtime.

ePULSE encrypts data during transport with TLS 1.2 and uses the https - protocol with authorization keys for all communication.

EPLAN ePULSE automatically detects and identifies weak points during deployment. All applications are checked at regular intervals by manual penetration tests by internal and external auditors.

Within the regular development cycles, the applications are subjected to comprehensive code reviews. The penetration tests are used for security monitoring. As best practices and standard procedures, penetration tests are performed to create software that offers the least possible attack surface to attackers, especially if confidential or personal data is stolen. Security audits for software products are conducted regularly during development and production. Security measures for data import and export as well as for data access via APIs are described in the corresponding performance or product descriptions.

Our provider has a range of identity and access management offerings that EPLAN ePULSE:

  • Manage user identities,
  • Assign security permissions,
  • Organize users into groups and
  • Centrally manage user permissions - according to a role concept.

For the parts of ePULSE provided by our cloud provider, the provider controls the physical components. The provider designs, builds, and operates data centers in a manner that strictly controls physical access to the areas where your data is stored. The provider understands the importance of protecting your data and is committed to protecting the data centers where your data resides.

We are subject to European law. The data will be stored in Europe. Where possible, data will not be disclosed to law enforcement authorities. Data requests from third parties will be rejected as far as legally possible. Should there be a request for administrative assistance within the framework of the Cloud Act, we would inform the owner of the requested data directly.

The data will be deleted after a certain period of time, but the customer will be warned in advance. The period is defined in the service descriptions. Depending on the legal requirements and the cloud product used, the customer can either export his data himself or have it exported ("take out").

Please contact to have your ePULSE account deleted.

It is possible your Firewall is blocking ePULSE URLs. To solve this issue, please ask your IT Department to unblock the following URLs:




eBUILD Designer

eBUILD Project Builder


We do it for you! ePULSE automatically  updates all the apps without affecting your work. We make sure your data remains available and compatible both during and after updates so there is no disruption caused.

There are two update cycles: one for minor changes taking place every two weeks, and another one for major updates on a quarterly basis. The major updates are similar to EPLAN hot fixes and service packs.

We will not remove existing functionality via app updates, however we periodically increase the value of our apps through new features and improved functionalities.

We are committed to maintain the compatibility between EPLAN on premise and EPLAN ePULSE Cloud Solutions as much and as long as possible. Nevertheless, there may be rare exceptions that require the installment of a service pack or hotfix, in which case, this will be announced with a reasonable notice period. The details about dependencies to EPLAN on premise releases and potential update cycles can be found in the individual ePULSE product performance descriptions and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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In Firefox, please set "Enhanced protection against activity tracking" to default or Custom to "Cookies from unvisited sites" or lower or create an exception for cookies from * and *

For Chrome you need to set an exception for [*.] in the cookie settings:

If you are a Safari user you need to deactivate the function cross-site tracking in the preferences.


To use eVIEW Free in the EPLAN Platform, you need:

  • EPLAN Platform Version 2.8 HF2 or higher
  • the corresponding connector for eVIEW 2.8 (required for EPLAN Platform 2.8 only)
  • the corresponding language packages

To use eVIEW Free in the browser, you need:

  • a browser: Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox

Please note that the functional scope of eVIEW Free in the EPLAN Platform also depends on your installed version.

For a detailed list of system requirements, please visit the EPLAN Information Portal.

If you cannot upload a project to eVIEW Free, you may be working with an older EPLAN Platform version and/or older connectors of version 2.8. Check your system requirements and install the latest hotfix for the EPLAN Platform including the latest connectors for version 2.8 (make sure the versions match) or install EPLAN Platform 2.9.

You may also need to adjust your firewall settings. Please ask your IT department to unblock the URLs listed below.

To deploy projects, eVIEW Free requires the following port and/or host configuration:

You can find information about scheduled maintenance for the ePULSE platform as well as the status of the service in the Trust Center on the ePULSE homepage.

Health Dashboard

If you do not see the project, you do not have access to it. Make sure that the project has been shared with you.

If you can see the project but it is not fully displayed, it may have been uploaded using an older EPLAN Platform version. Install at least Version 2.8 HF2 as well as the corresponding connectors and language packages. Then upload the project again.

All versions up to EPLAN Platform Version 1.8 are supported retroactively.

For information about eVIEW, please visit our Information Portal.

If you need further support, please reach out to our Global Support.

If you have any product requests, please contact our Product Management by sending an e-mail to

You can store comments in a project using the redlining and greenlining functionality. By means of redlinings, you can draw change requests into the project, comment on them and share them with project participants via the integrated status workflow. Redlinings are visible in the browser and in the EPLAN Platform.

By means of greenlinings, you can mark your work progress. Greenlinings cannot be commented nor are they displayed in the EPLAN Platform.

The functional scope of eVIEW Free in the browser differs from the one in the EPLAN Platform. This is due to the different requirements resulting from the different tasks in the workflow. The designer working with the EPLAN Platform needs different functionalities than employees in a different department. Within the EPLAN Platform, you can upload projects in eVIEW Free, share them and view redlinings. In the browser, you can upload project backups in eVIEW, view and share projects and add comments in the form of redlinings and greenlinings.

To share a project with another user, you need to add the user to your organisation. To do so, send an invitation to the user via the user management. As soon as the user confirms the invitation and joins your organisation, you can share the project with them.

For more information, please visit the EPLAN Information Portal.

To ensure your data sovereignty, a print function is currently not available in EPLAN eVIEW. However, if you rely on paper documentation, you can use the established functionalities in the EPLAN Platform.


eBUILD Free is a free cloud based version of the Project Builder from the product family Cogineer. Based on macro libraries that EPLAN offers free of charge in the ePULSE environment, electrical and fluid circuit diagrams can be configured easily as in a car configurator and then the automatically generated circuit diagram in EPLAN P8 is just a click away.

eBUILD Free always generates into a native EPLAN project, so that manual editing of circuit diagrams (ETO = Engineering to Order) is possible in addition to automated circuit diagram creation (CTO = Configure to Order) in a project. By providing ready-to-use macro libraries in the new ePULSE environment, users of eBUILD Free are productive right from the start. It is not necessary to create kits or rules.

In the first step, eBUILD Free aims all the users of EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Fluid P8. Irrespective if you are dealing with tasks from new planning or maintenance, eBUILD Free is a universal tool for generating automatically circuit diagrams. Therefore, sub-tasks for electrical designers can be executed automatically with eBUILD Free.

System requirements: To use eBUILD Free, an installation of EPLAN Electric P8 or EPLAN Fluid P8, version 2.8 with hotfix 3 or higher, is required. The use of eBUILD Free is not possible in an Internet browser ( The use of eBUILD Free is only possible by opening the ePULSE environment in EPLAN. (Utilities EPLAN ePulse)

On the ePULSE platform…

…complete the self-registration process. For your registration on the ePULSE platform, use your company e-mail address. You will then receive an invitation e-mail with further information on the use of eBUILD Free.

eBUILD Free is currently only available on the EPLAN platform. (See system requirements)

The use of eBUILD Free is not linked to any contractual conditions.

No, the use of eBUILD Free is not limited in time.

Some libraries that are provided in eBUILD Free can be downloaded and then uploaded to the respective organisation in the commercial full version eBUILD. The library content can then be adjusted individually in the Designer and be used to automatically generate schematics with eBUILD. You can recognize a downloadable library by a download link at the bottom of the library information.

Circuit diagrams are always created within your local EPLAN platform. This means that only you have access to the circuit diagrams generated with eBUILD Free.

eBUILD Free does not store project data in the ePULSE cloud.

Please send any feedback, questions or suggestions by e-mail to


eBUILD is the commercial cloud-based solution for automated engineering with the EPLAN Platform. With eBUILD, schematics (electrical engineering, fluid power, building automation) can be generated at the click of a button.

eBUILD consists of the service "Project Builder", which is also part of the free product eBUILD Free, as well as of the "Designer" which can be used to create your own personalised libraries.

eBUILD can be purchased through the same sales channels as all other EPLAN products.

To use eBUILD, you need EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN Fluid or EPLAN Pro Panel (2D schematic generation only) Version 2.8 Hotfix 3 or later. An installation of the connectors is also required for versions smaller than 2.9. In addition, an internet connection is required to work with eBUILD.

eBUILD uses the same software mechanism as eBUILD Free to automatically generate schematics. Schematics are generated into a project selected by the user which is located in the project management of the EPLAN Platform. This can be a local storage location or a storage location in the user's network infrastructure. eBUILD does not store schematics in the ePULSE cloud, and it is the user who decides who can access the project data within the EPLAN project management.

eBUILD does not store project data in the ePULSE cloud. If you want to make project data available via the ePULSE cloud, for example for collaboration purposes with other departments, you can use the service eVIEW.

Yes, all libraries created with Cogineer are still available after transitioning to eBUILD. You only need to upload each Cogineer library to your ePULSE organisation and make it available to its users. Afterwards, the library can be used in the Designer as well as in the Project Builder in eBUILD. Learn more about libraries here.

For information on the transition from EPLAN Cogineer to eBUILD, please reach out to your EPLAN sales contact or send an e-mail to

EPLAN Data Portal

The EPLAN Data Portal provides parts data in the EPLAN format for download in order to facilitate the creation of system documentation. It serves as an exchange portal between component manufacturers and electrical design engineers where product data is instantly available online and can be accessed by every solution integrated in the EPLAN Platform. Further information is available here: EPLAN Data Portal Help.

Manufacturers can provide the following parts data:

  • commercial data
  • function templates
  • logic macros
  • 2D graphic data
  • connection point patterns
  • drilling patterns
  • 3D graphic data
  • DXF data

Parts data is continuously updated directly by the manufacturers.

You can report incorrect parts data directly in the Data Portal. To do so, proceed as follows: In the parts list, click "Feedback" in the drop-down menu next to the cart icon.

Or In the detailed view of the part, click "Feedback" in the drop-down menu next to "Download commercial data".

You can choose between the DXF and the EPLAN format. If you have a software service agreement with EPLAN and you use the EPLAN Platform from version 2.9 Service Pack 1 on, you can download the data in EPLAN format.

Everyone with a free ePULSE account can access the EPLAN Data Portal.

Please note: You need an ePULSE account to use the EPLAN Data Portal.

How to access the Data Portal:

Open in your web browser.

Click "Login" and enter your ePULSE credentials.

You can also sign in directly via the EPLAN Platform using your credentials.

Select the Data Portal.

By using the EPLAN Data Portal, you agree to the ePULSE Terms and Conditions of Use.

No, there are no hidden costs.

Selectors are product selection aids and configurators of leading manufacturers. You can access the selectors in the EPLAN Data Portal by choosing "Selectors" in the side navigation.

Your part inquiries are automatically forwarded to and answered by the respective manufacturer.

For more information, please read this document.

You can import parts from the EPLAN Data Portal into your EPLAN Platform via the menu item "Import part". To do so, open the EPLAN Data Portal via the EPLAN Platform.

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